Our farm

The "Gratzlhof" is surrounded by the broad valley floor of the lower "Lavanttal" in Carinthia which is due to its mild climate and an evenly distributed rainfall referred to as "the paradise of Carinthia".

On this fertile basis we farm - yet in the 3rd generation - about 62 hectare of land. Arable farm land makes up 40 hectare; the rest consists of pasture and a small forest. For the pasturing permanent as well as non-permanent grassland is used.

Our herd of 120 animals is composed at 100% of full-blooded Charolais breeding animals. Of that we count about 50 herd book cows and 3 bulls.
Very early we recognized the advantages in terms of keeping and efficiency which come along with the breed of Charolais cattle.

For that reason we have been concerned with the keeping of this breed for many years. The most important aim has always been the production of breeding animals of the highest quality. This means a high functionality of calving without any decrease of the animals' large amount of body mass which is typical for this breed. Aiming to this is essential for a clean breed but also for the crossbreeding with others, like, for example, the Simmental breed.

Especially in the conventional mother cow husbandry the Charolais bulls are of high economical importance. It is our ambition to farm high-quality Charolais cattle.

We would like to welcome you soon!